Saif Ali KhanSaif Ali Khan is considered as one of the Hottest Actors in Bollywood who even does not mind in referring him as a ‘Metrosexual’. This best looking Star is also one of the most groomed men of the glitzy city who is very particular about his pedicure and manicure regimes.

With the in-depth knowledge about the ingredients about Skincare Products he tend to avoid the Moisturizers and Cleansers containing Propylene glycol. This ingredient is held responsible for causing inflammation and skin irritation. So, Saif is quite brand-conscious while choosing his Skin-Care product range and avoids products contaiing Propylene glycol.

He also loves to keep his nails clean hence involves himself into Pedicure and Manicure on a regular basis. He does not believe it as a ‘girly’ stuff and take it up as a matter of hygiene and neatness.

Besides keeping his skin well moisturized he makes a point to smell good. He does not refrain himself in using handmade Lush soaps that keeps him fresh and helps him smelling good. A non greasy moisture by Sisley Paris containing cucumber and is a hydrating one is among his preferred list of moisturizers.

The ‘Bebo’ (Kareena Kapoor Khan) also mentioned in an interview about how Saif is particular about his grooming and his ‘regular’ Pedicures and Manicures. She also revealed that Saif has a inclination to collect the toiletries, no matter if he does not use them that much.