Cover ImageSummer is in and it’s the Season that will not only affect your Skin and Hair, but your make up too. Summers can melt your Foundation, spread your Eyeliner and leave your Face look messy. However, that doesn’t mean you shall stop putting your makeup or hang out with plain face.

Every Season demands different Makeup routine. Summers need makeup that is long-lasting and prevents sweat. You must go for products that are specifically designed to last longer.

Following are 7 steps you need to follow to keep your Body Fresh and Cool this Summer:

Mild CleanserMild CleanserUse a Mild Cleanser on your Face to make it Dirt-Free and also prevents Impurities. Go for an Alcohol-Free Toner after the Cleanser. Applying a Moisturizer will prevent your Skin from Sun-Damage.

FoundationFoundationChoose a Foundation that is long lasting and should go with your Skin Tone. Apply it all over your Face and Neck. Use a Brush to blend it completely, so that it should go well with your Skin.

ConcealerConcealerUse Concealer efficiently to Conceal all the Dark Circles under your Eyes or any other blemishes. To keep the Foundation intact, set the base brush in some Translucent Powder.

BronzerBronzerUse Bronzer on your Cheek, Hairline, Chin etc. Don’t use too much. Try to make it simple and it should match with your real Skin Colour.

Eyeliner And MascaraEyeliner And MascaraWe will recommend you to use Eyeliner and Mascara, and not an Eye Shadow. Apply Water Proof Eyeliner to Frizzle your Eyelashes and then water Proof Mascara. Also apply Highlighter to define your Brows.

Lip LinerLip LinerBefore using Lipstick, apply Lip Liner. Always use the same shade of both the Lip Liner and Lipstick. Make it a little drier with a tissue paper. In this way your Lipstick will last longer than before. You can also go for Lip Balm, to get a natural look.

Squirts With A Setting SprayApply A Few Squirts With A Setting SprayIn the end, apply a few Squirts with a setting Spray. Allow it to Dry. Apply all these Steps before going out and you will get a long lasting Make Up.