Regenta LP Villas is a luxurious property in Dehradun and boasts a beautiful façade, comfy rooms and very well maintained service areas including Spa, Bakery shop and Jacuzzi. The hospitality here is top notch and hence it’s frequently visited by VIPs, cricketers and celebrities. The rooms have soft and cushiony beds, minimalistic yet elegant interiors and basic facilities like fridge, geyser, coffee making machine and more. The windows open upto a plush green view from the balcony and makes it a perfect spot to meditate in the morning.

The hotel makes a perfect wedding location owing to its luxurious and multi-themed banquet halls. Lit with big chandeliers and adorned with beautiful interiors, the halls have been designed to cater bespoke perfection. Regenta also hosts the biggest buffet service in Dehradun and the never-ending spread consists of salads, live pasta counter, mains and desserts. One can live without food but not the desserts, when in this hotel. The Chefs here are very kind and comforting and never leaves a stone unturned to delight a customer. We were served a beautiful assorted plate in dessert and it was clearly the highlight of the meal.

There are two restaurants in the hotel, namely Zaffran and Coco. While Zaffran is a multi-cuisine restaurant, coco is a café cum bakery shop, which is a one point stop for all your late night cravings. Though we thoroughly enjoyed the buffet menu in the afternoon and dinner meals (priced Rs 699+ Taxes), we enjoyed our breakfast and late night meals even more from Coco. They serve the best maggi noodles you can ever have. Yes, something as simple as maggi is quite delightful here. You can also try the sandwiches, waffles and pancakes here – they are equally amazing too. In Zaffran, we loved the butter chicken (we requested them not to make it sweet), pasta and chaat, however, the desserts requires a special mention here. Chef Ashish with his team is quite impeccable with his art and I couldn’t believe it how tasty can a mere tomato halwa be!

Overall, The awe-inspiring infrastructure and the hospitality offered here has created some beautiful memories for us and we will certainly be back to Regenta LP Villas for sure!