Western Music Society, Lady Shri Ram CollegeWe work really hard in the quest of getting admission in Delhi University, and why shouldn’t we when the nation’s most prestigious university gives us so many opportunities which unarguably no other university provides.

Signing up for DU’s top-notch societies is one such opportunity that every student dreams of. And now when you have got admission in DU, it’s time for you to know some of the most prestigious Societies in Delhi University. Take a look:

The Hansraj Projekt, Hansraj CollegeThe Hansraj Projekt, Hansraj CollegeA society which aims at breaking boundaries to move the audience with their terrific performances, their band called ‘Hansraj Projekt’ is the most active society of Hansraj College. Performing for years now, The Hansraj Project never fails to disappoint its audience with their heart-warming performances.

Ibtida, Hindu CollegeIbtida, Hindu CollegeAll the Hindu college students, this is the society you should look to sign up for. Founded by the famous director Imtiaz Ali, Ibtida is the most popular society of Hindu college. The society receives much appreciation for its theatre fest called ‘Medina’, which they hold every year with great enthusiasm.

Mudra, JMCMudra, JMCNothing can match the energy and fire that this society brings in with their moves. These powerful women boast of their co-ordination on the stage and will leave you in tears of joy with their breathtaking performances. This society has a knack of winning almost every competition they participate in. And we hope they always keep coming like that only!

Western Music Society, Lady Shri Ram CollegeWestern Music Society, Lady Shri Ram CollegeWestern Music Society from Lady Shri Ram College is one of the most vibrant music societies which specializes in Acapella and plays every genre from pop to soul, Jazz, R and B etc. These girls make us proud every time we watch these aspiring musicians.

The Players, Kirorimal CollegeThe Players, Kirorimal College‘The player’ is a theatre society of Kirorimal College which has been performing for the last 52 years. This society is famous for its amazing street plays which surely grab everyone’s eyeballs. Every year Kirorimal college hosts inter-college theatre festival, where they leave a lasting impression on the audience with their flawless acts. And we hope they keep on giving such amazing performances in coming years too.

Shunya, Ramjas CollegeShunya, Ramjas CollegeThe drama society of Ramjas College, Shunya is arguably the best drama society of Delhi University. It was also ranked first in the Stage Theatre Category for 2016. Their team never shies away from giving less than 100 percent when it comes to efforts.