Diwali, or the ‘Festival of Lights’ is one of the most auspicious and widely celebrated festivals across India, particularly North India. While different communities have different rituals of celebrating Diwali, the main idea remains constant- the triumph of good over evil. It is said that Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Laxman on this day, after killing the demon Ravana.

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As Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and exceptional grandeur especially in North India, Delhi- a city of North India is not an exception. Delhi is one of the best places to celebrate and spend the Diwali days of India. And if you are new to the idea of Diwali, or planning to visit Delhi during Diwali, then here are the 7 best ways to celebrate in Delhi perfectly

1. Shopping

Diwali Shopping Delhi
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The markets of Delhi go crazy before and during the Diwali days! Shopkeepers clean and even renovate their shops before the festival begins, and decorate the shops with festoons and lights- making all the market places look splendid. Shopkeepers prepare themselves with a wide variety of fares on sale- both daily items and items especially for Diwali, with lucrative discounts too! Thus, visiting the markets of Delhi during Diwali will be a fabulous and overwhelming experience- you will experience the Diwali vibes at its best and can also buy some attractive stuff!

2. Visiting Fairs

Diwali Mela Delhi
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Delhi becomes home to a numerous ‘melas’ or fairs during Diwali. They offer a wide variety of items pertaining to the festivity- from earthen lamps to idols of Gods and Goddesses, home decor items to handmade chocolates, these fairs house everything! Plunge into one of these fairs and celebrate Diwali.

3. Satisfy Your Hunger Pangs, Even At Midnight

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Yes, you read it right. There are several food joints in Delhi, delivering hot and delicious food at your doorstep right even at midnight. And during Diwali too, you can access this service without any hindrance, that too with special Diwali menus at your disposal. Thus, from North Indian to Italian, tidbits to main courses- you can expect anything at your doorstep, even at midnight. You also have regular dine-in restaurants with home delivery services which serve special menus during Diw

4. Pamper Your Sweet Tooth

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What are festivals without sweets? Thus, pamper your taste buds with a wide variety of delicious sweets across all sweet shops in Delhi, offering a wide variety of tooth-numbing delicacie

5. Making Exotic Purchase

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It is believed that investing in gold or any kind of heavy metal on Diwali brings good fortune. Thus, the gold showrooms of Delhi and other heavy metal shops here, pile up their stocks for customers- why not visit one and make a buy?

6. Witnessing House parties

diwali house party
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Practically every house with a modern-thinking family, hosts parties with card games and poker almost every weekend, for months in advance till the Diwali season, celebrating the spirit of Diwali and the upcoming winters. Delicious food, drinks, dance and music also form integral parts of these parties. Thus, if you are in Delhi during Diwali, do get attached to an Indian family and witness such house parties- you will have a wonderful and memorable experience.

7. Roam Around the City’

India Gate Fountain
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India Gate, Kingdom of Dreams, Iskcon, Bangla Sahib, Malls and other such places in Delhi are decorated at their best on Diwali and roaming around these places with friends, family, or even alone is worth celebrating Diwali. Besides, various venues organize big Diwali party events in Delhi. Fireworks at these places are just amazing.

So, how are you going to celebrate Diwali?