Lord of the Drinks (Medieval Themed Restaurant)

Whenever we make plans of dining out, it is not only the food that matters. We also want the entire experience eating out to be enjoyable. Along with the food, we want to feel good by the ambience and the theme of the restaurant! And because of this need of people, a number of theme restaurants have come up in Delhi.

So we have a brought a list of some really amazing theme restaurants in Delhi NCR that will delight you with their delicious food and admirable ambience!

  1. Lord of the Drinks (Medieval Themed Restaurant)

This is one café that will transport you back in the past! The wooden interiors and the dim lighting will make you fall in love with the place. And let’s not even start talking about the food, because we will not be able to stop then! The food is extremely delectable so it’s not just the ambiance that will win your heart. Located in Connaught Place, Huaz Khas and Rajouri Garden, the place is always filled with youngsters!

  1. Smaaash Café (Gaming Themed Restaurant)

In a small period of time, this restaurant has become one of our favourites! This exciting café gives you every reason to visit it. From bowling to cricket, air hocket to FI racing, the place will do anything to make your adrenaline pumping! And not to mention, the mouth-watering food is there to keep you energized! If you love gaming, then head to Gurugram or DLF Mall of India in Noida.

  1. Tabula Beach Café (Beach Themed Restaurant)

The one thing that we Delhiites always crave for is the beach. We have everything but the beach! So all the beach lovers out there, Tabula Beach Café is here to offer you an ambiance that will make you feel close to your favourite place! The place is full of tropical appeal with its music, interiors and attractive cocktails. Enjoy the beach side at Siri Fort, where this café is located.

  1. Soda Bottle Opener Wala (Persian Themed Restaurant)

Soda Bottle Opener Wala is as unique as its name and has gained many followers! The contemporary interiors of the café will take you to the 1950s! With delicious food items like Parsi Kulfi and Keema Pav in the menu, your tummy will also be satisfied. Located in Khan Market, the place is quite reasonable too.

  1. Kunzum Travel Café (Travel Themed Restaurant)

This is one of the most unique and soul-touching theme anyone could come up with for restaurants! This café is for all the travelers around the place who want to share their experiences and those who want to listen to others’ experiences! Apart from people, you will also find some travel books here which will make you want to catch the next flight and explore the world! All in all, this café in Hauz Khas is a perfect place for all the travel lovers!

  1. The Motorcycle Café (Bike Themed Restaurant)

As the name clearly suggests this café for all the bike and automobile lovers! This face, inspired by Bullet, also has a delicious menu which is easy on your pocket too! They have big tyres as tables and bike seats as chairs which make this place look like a complete vintage heaven! If you can’t wait to visit this place already, head to Netaji Subhash Palace.

  1. Jungle Jamboree (Jungle Themed Restaurant)

As it is clear from the name, the place has a jungle theme! Interiors like a forest, aqua cave and exotic outdoor seating will make you feel as if you have entered some other planet! And to top all of it, the perfect lighting and the heavy greenery all around will make every nature lover fall in love with this place! Jungle Jamboree is located in Gurugram and Connaught Place

  1. Lady Baga(Goa Themed Restaurant)

Even if you haven’t been to Goa ever, then also you must have definitely heard of the Baga Beach as it is one of the most popular ones there. And thanks to this new café, we get to experience the Goa vibes right here in Delhi. The digital waves and the hammocks execute the entire concept in an intelligent way. And the authentic Goa cuisine is just an icing on the cake! Visit this café in Connaught Place to get refreshed!

  1. Imly (Train Themed Restaurant)

If you are low on budget but want a unique place to eat out, then this restaurant is the place for you. Based on the theme of a train and the ambiance offering the journey of India in a picture-form, the place specializes in finger-licking street food. An unusual one, this café is located in Rajendra Place.

  1. Rang De Basanti Urban Dhaba (Rang De Basanti Themed Restaurant)

We all are die-hard fans of the movie Rang De Basanti and this Dhaba is inspired by it. With walls painted with famous Bollywood dialogue and a tractor kept inside, the Dhaba specializes in authentic Punjabi Cuisine. All the people who love the feel of Dhaba must visit this fusion place in Hauz Khas Village!