Jungle Jumboree Buffet

A blend of two worlds is what Jungle Jamboree in Delhi has to offer – jungle and underwater experiences. The elevator opens into a world of fantasies with a forest on one side and as you walk in, you will feel as if you are flowing in water amidst the water creatures.

The ambience is awe-inspiring with a cool breezy effect of the aqua section – perfect for couples and families and the forest – ideal for kids and families. It is one of the best themed restaurants in Delhi, indeed!

Jungle Jumboree Aqua Section

Choose to sit with water of land animals subject to availability and preference. The secluded kids’ playing area also attracts kids to choose the jungle theme.
Eat to your heart’s content at this restaurant with their seven-course buffets served for lunch, hi-tea and dinner.

Jungle JumboreeThe interiors are truly mesmerizing with blue lighting tone is the aqua sections and green and brown rustic lighting in the jungle section. Mermaids and fish on the walls, the aquarium with fish floating and seats ornamented with fur add to the charming underwater theme of the aqua area. The jungle however, is composed of walls made of wood and leaves and wooden flooring. Animal figurines stuck to the walls give it the real look of being in a forest. The music played here is all peeped up for the party mood. Seats are made of grass, making them cosy to be seated on.

Now, coming to the most integral part – the food at Jungle Jamboree; they had arranged quite an appeasing buffet gathering crowd over it almost every day. Saturdays and Tuesdays, however, were specifically mentioned by one of their staffs for huge crowd.

The flavours, presentation and service will have you want to visit the restaurant more than once. For starters, there are ample dishes available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Being a vegetarian, I would be able best to talk about the vegetarian options.

The first course of starters began with the Dahi Poori – Mini Gol Gappas filled with curd and topped with chutneys and spices. Each ingredient in the dish tasted unique. You can definitely not stop at one on tasting it. Next that came to the table was mildly spiced Grilled Pineapple – pineapple slices grilled to perfection that maintain the sweet taste with a combination of spices and herbs. For those who enjoy sweet and savoury taste together in a dish would relish this preparation.

Cocktail Masala Fryms

Cocktail Masala Fryms

The Cocktail Masala Fryms were served to us next, accompanied with spicy and tangy garlic chutney. A great way to begin a meal at Jungle Jamboree.

American Sweet Golden Corn Bucket

Jungle Jamboree Bucket Corn The American Golden Sweet Corn Bucket that comes in a sweet little bucket, filled with corns loaded with butter and spices.

Veg Starters

Jungle Jamboree
clockwise: honey chilli potatoes; dahi puri; veg dim sum; galouti kebab with ulta tawa paratha; salsa potatoes; grilled pineapple

Salsa Potatoes – These were creamy potato balls garnished with cheese and mayonnaise. They would just melt in the mouth immediately.

Honey Chilly Potatoes – Hot and crispy deep fried potato fingers tossed in sweet chilli and honey sauce are a distinct dish enjoyed by almost every foodie.

Veg Galauti Kebab and Ulta Tawa Parantha – is one of the cutest starters among all. They are cute small kebabs served with tiny yellow Ulta Tawa Parantha bites.

White Sauce Pasta

Jungle Jumboree White Sauce Pasta The white sauce pasta comes tossed with vegetables and sprinkled oregano, again relished by many. It came piping hot to us.

Vegetarian Pizza

Jungle Jumboree Veg Pizza The vegetarian pizza was a small delicious pizza with corn, tomatoes, capsicum, cheese and many more accompaniments.

Tandoori Platter

Jungle Jumboree Tandoori Platter
Achari Paneer; Tandoori SoyaChaap; Grilled Mushrooms

Achari Paneer –Tandoori Paneer Tikka with perfect taste of spicy pickle is just something ideal to try in the middle.

Tandoori SoyaChaap – Chaap with a perfect blend of spices grilled till the core would be a treat to the palette. The live grill placed in between your table allows you to further grill your snack as per your taste and liking.

Grilled Mushrooms – A dish which is rarely found tasty at other places. And this is a rare place. Mushrooms covered with tandoori spices, grilled further on the live grill and enjoyed with succulent mint sauce.

The Drinks at Jungle Jumboree? As elegant as the ambience. I tried some of the mocktails which tasted quite refreshing and little new to taste-buds.

Pink Lady

Jungle Jamboree Pink Lady

A drink literally pink in colour. This drink is one of those items here which should not be missed at any cost. Served chilled this has got a quirky flavour, which is remembered till long.

Virgin Mojito

Jungle Jumboree Virgin Mojito Virgin Mojito is actually the drink for everyone. This one is also served chilled with muddled ice and sugar topped with fresh mint leaves and sweet syrup. It is just as refreshing as it sounds.
Heading to the main course, there is a self-service buffet here. And one can grab many varieties of food dishes among varied cuisines.

Subz Dum Biryani

Jungle Jumboree Dum Biryani

Straight from the streets of Hyderabad, it is served hot, flavoured with garlic and spices.


Jungle Jumboree BuffetFrom the main course section, inspite of being almost full with the starters, some of the options we tried were Kadhai Mushrooms, a real treat for vegetarians and Kurkuri bhindi, a finely chopped and diced lady finger preparation deep-fried and tossed with dry spices.

Dessert Section

Jungle Jumboree Dessert Counter
Paan Shot; Paan Ice Cream; Chocolate Mousse; Black Forest Pastry Bites

A quick sneak peek into the dessert section is definitely needed post a hearty meal. The Paan Shot is the icing on the cake here and should not be missed at any cost. The contents of a Banarasi paan blended in a shot. This shot is a heaven for paan lovers. For some more paan, try the Paan Ice Cream that comes topped with cherries, fennel seeds and gulkand. After a dose of Paan, something sweet and decadent were the chocolate mousse and black forest pastry bites.

A perfect sweet ending to a hearty meal at Jungle Jamboree!