Book On The Metro
Source: LBB

Inspired from Emma Watson’s idea of hiding Books around London Underground for Passengers, a Beautiful Couple from Delhi, has started an initiative known as the “Books on the Delhi Metro”.

A Delhi based couple, Shruti Sharma and Tarun Chauhan, a Content Developer and a Civil Engineer respectively, are fond of Books, and want people to shut their eyes from their phones for sometimes, and start spending some time reading books. Therefore they have started with an initiative called “Books On The Delhi Metro” inspired from British Actress who did the same i.e., leaving books In the London Underground. The idea has received praise from the society. And now this couple is running on the same path.

They would hide the book with a sticker “Books on the Delhi Metro” on it, and then post clues about the location on social media handles such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And those who find the book, it is advised to tell the couple you have got it using a hashtag #booksonthedelhimetro, through twitter or Instagram. And once you finish reading the book, drop it where you had received it.

Till now, they have dropped 3 Books, and we expect everyone to be a part of the movement and spread the love for reading Books.