Delhi GirlWe as Delhiites have been stereotyped to death and we still don’t know why! Especially the Delhi Girls, who always have to go through such stupid comments because of the typical mindsets of people about Delhi! And as Delhi girls, only we know how much these remarks get on our nerves! Here are some relatable remarks that Delhi Girls have to come across on a daily basis which at times, we admit, are hilarious too! If You Say These Things To A Delhi Girl, Then Only God May Save You!

Mumbai Is Way Better Than Delhi
Wait! What did you just say? *Sharpens her Knife*
Never ever say that to a Delhi Girl because we are pretty loyal and can go to any extent to prove that!

Can You Leave Your House After 7 PM?
Where exactly do you think we live? In Jail? Delhi might have faced some safety issues in the past, but that doesn’t mean we will lock ourselves inside our house!

Why Are Delhi Girls Always Overdressed?
We feel this is just jealousy speaking! And we are not always overdressed, we just ALWAYS look good! We know how to carry ourselves in every situation and with even street shopped clothes! That’s actually something to be proud of!

High Maintenance Is What Delhi Girls Are!
It’s not called high maintenance, it is simply being classy! And we love eating in fancy restaurants as much as we love having roadside Golgappas! Please get your facts clear!

Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon…It’s One And The Same Thing!
Like really? Are you this dumb? They are not the same at all! We seriously wish you had paid some attention in geography class in school!

Swearing Is Delhi Girls’ Second Language!
Okay, simple question – How come anybody’s swearing habits related to the city they belong to? People really can be unreasonable at times!

You Must Be From Delhi University!
Let’s get one thing entirely clear – Delhi is not all about Delhi University! It has various other esteemed institutions like AIIMS, JNU, Jamia Millia, NIFT and so many more! Not everyone is longing to get admission in DU!  *Facepalm*