10 Outstanding Indian Short FilmsGone are the days when only cinema halls could bring a revolution in the minds of people. But now with changing times and increasing technology, that revolution is only witnessed through our laptops and phones.

The availability of every kind of content online, audience for movies is likely to witness a downfall in the near future. But the fact remains that we are a movie-loving country and therefore, online or offline, the gems in our industry are always there to restore our faith in the movies. And thus, we have brought a list of these Outstanding Indian Short Films streaming online which actually made us feel that the future of the cinema is in great hands! Do watch these Outstanding Indian Short Films and you will agree with us –

That Day After Everyday

With so much being talked about women’s safety and eve-teasing in the country, the film is a must watch for all women and men out there. The film is about three simple women who have to face harassment every day and how they bravely deal with it. The film is an inspiration to all the women and a tight virtual slap on the hooligans who think they can get away with eve-teasing.

The School Bag

Based on one of the most painful terrorist attacks mankind has ever seen, the film showcases a story of a mother and her son who got killed in the Peshawar Attacks in 2014. The brilliant performances by the characters will leave you in tears and in deep thoughts afterwards!


Tisca Chopra has always been known for her graceful and sophisticated avatars, but in Chutney, it will take a while for you to recognize her in an extremely simple role of a homemaker. But that is just not it. As the films progresses, you will realize she is not as simple as she looks! Goosebumps are sure to find their way to you!


If you love thrillers, then you just can’t miss this mythological thriller based on the character of Ahalya. The character and her curse is brought in the current time showcasing a dramatic and unexpected twist, which is sure to leave you stunned for a while!

Interior Cafe Night

The only fact that Naseeruddin Shah plays one of the lead roles in the movie gives you every reason to watch it. Along with him, the film stars Naveen Kasturia, Shernaz Patel and Shweta Prasad who will take you through their journey of love, separation and lost chances.
Interior Cafe Night is directed by Adhiraj Bose that showcases love in a beautiful way.


The psychological thriller with brilliant actors Radhika Apte and Manoj Bajpayee in the lead, the short film will send chills down your spine. The film with its story, takes you through the actuality of our existence.

Going Dutch

The next level sexism prevailing in the society in even simplest of things is showcased in the best way possible in this short film. A man and a woman meet for the first date and different layers of their thinking are revealed in simple conversations. As usual, Gul Panag in the main lead steals the show with her genuine and heart-touching performance!

Nayantara’s Necklace

The short film with Konkona Sen Sharma, Gulshan Devaiah and Tillotama Shome in the lead roles very intelligently portrays the pretentiousness that has crept in the society because of the feeling of complex among the people. People’s desire to live a dream life makes them pretend the same in front of others. The movie will leave you thinking and analyzing the same.


How the meaning of love changes with age is showcased in a very genuine and natural way in this short film with Anupam Kher in the lead. The movie will touch your heart.


The short film based in Pakistan is all about the struggles and hassles that a family has to go thorough to get the Visa. How they plan to get it shows their desperateness for having a secure future. Shweta Basu in the lead role has given a brilliant performance.