Cover ImageIndia is a country where Bollywood and Bollywood Celebrities are followed like crazy. People take every kind of suggestions from Bollywood. Otherwise how would we know that a girl and a guy can never be friends or how would we know which songs to play while travelling!
But our main points of focus here are the fashion trends that Bollywood came up with in 2000s which were disasters but people mindlessly followed them!

Let’s have a look at the Bollywood Fashion Statements Of 2000s which we pray never come back!

Hairband Worn By Abhishek BachchanHairband Worn By Abhishek BachchanWhy would any man in his senses want to look like a young girl? Things like this can only happen in India, we guess. From middle-age men to teenager boys, everybody was under the spell of hairbands! Thank god the trend has vanished, although you’ll still spot some boys with them, once in a while, here or there.

Rani Mukherjee’s Shirt Style Kurtas In Bunty And BabliRani Mukherjee’s Shirt Style Kurtas In Bunty And BabliGiving kurtas a huge collar was just out rightly stupid, if not outrageous! Why would a simple and comfortable kurta, which has been our traditional wear for centuries now, need a collar? After the collar blunder, the least they could do was use mild colours. But no, mild is not the word in Bollywood’s dictionary! They used bright colours which became the icing on the cake!

Bell Bottoms Worn By Kareena KapoorBell Bottoms Worn By Kareena KapoorYou guys are going to agree that apparently she was, or maybe her costume designer was seriously obsessed with bell bottoms. The obsession went to such an extent that it even caught Hrithik Roshan in its web! But thank, he soon got rid of it.

Long And Silky Hair Of John AbrahamLong And Silky Hair Of John AbrahamThere’s nothing wrong in having long and straight hair. Till the time girls have it! No seriously, there is some difference between men and women and that is what defines them the best! But since John Abraham was the ultimate hunk of that time, boys followed his style like mad!

Men’s Cleavage On DisplayMen’s Cleavage On DisplayYes, and we are not even kidding! Like seriously, what is the point when you don’t have anything up there? Duh! And trust us, if it looked bad on screen, then it looked terrible off screen!