Cover ImageOne of the finest and most successful actors of our generation, Priyanka Chopra relishes a huge fan following around the globe with her amazing screen presence and sheer determination. Now, after entering in Hollywood, the Baywatch actor is unarguably making all of us proud with her phenomenal acting. Apart from her acting, Priyanka has also been in the news for some time because of her saucy relationships with Bollywood actors which unfortunately, didn’t work in the end.

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Here is a List of 5 Actors Priyanka Chopra Dated and why did it not work out successfully:

Aseem MerchantPriyanka Chopra And Aseem MerchantBefore making her name in the film industry, Priyanka Chopra was apparently dating Aseem Merchant in the year 2000. However, after winning her Miss World crown, she broke up with him and entered Bollywood. Her Boyfriend didn’t seem happy with her decision and he planned to make a biopic on her life named as 67 days.

Akshay KumarPriyanka Chopra And Akshay KumarWhen we talk about relationship controversies, Akshay Kumar’s name has got to be on the top! Akshay and Priyanka had worked together in movies like Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, Waqt and Aiitraaz and had reportedly dated each other for quite some time. However, the moment Akshay’s wife got to know about it, she obviously had a problem with the equation between both of them. Since then, both of them have not been a part of any movie.

Harman BawejaPriyanka Chopra And Harman BawejaHarman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra were in a relationship for 5 years before they split up. There were speculations that Shahid Kapoor was the real cause behind their break up but in reality nobody knows the real story yet. Harman and Priyanka worked together in Love Story 2050 and What’s Your Rashee.

Shahrukh KhanPriyanka Chopra And Shahrukh KhanSome of you might not be aware that the King of Bollywood was accused of having an affair with Priyanka Chopra when both of them were shooting for Don. Priyanka in fact, never shied away in openly admitting her love for Shahrukh in front of the media. Gauri however, shut everyone up by throwing Priyanka out of Shahrukh’s life and also warned her husband not to talk to Priyanka ever again.

Shahid KapoorPriyanka Chopra And Shahid KapoorShahid Kapoor, apparently, is the last guy that Priyanka has dated till now and hasn’t managed to fall for anyone for quite some time. Shahid and Priyanka did share a serious relationship which Priyanka went on to admit in Koffee With Karan.

According to the reports, the Baywatch Actor is Single right now and is not looking for anyone special in her life. She is completely focused to make her name Globally and doesn’t seem to have any Wedding plans anytime soon.

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