Cover ImageThere are two types of people in the world – First, who take it upon themselves to follow every fashion trend, whether they feel comfortable or not. Second are the ones who keep their comfort above everything else. They feel being comfortable in whatever you are wearing is the biggest fashion statement you can make! So if you are also one of that comfort-over-fashion kind of a person, you will definitely relate to these Comfortable Fashion Trends.

Your wardrobe is full of pajamas and loose t-shirts! That is because nothing is cooler and more comfortable than that!

You love wearing T-shirt and jeans for every occasion. Because why not?

You only dress up when it’s an extremely extreme situation! Like guards not letting you in or in your mom threatening you before a family function!

“Gucci and Zara? What are those?” You are not at all familiar with all these high-end girly brands!

Footwear for you means sneakers or flip-flops. And when you are feeling a little more stylish, you can wear sandals, at the most!

You have always loved the concept of uniforms and that’s why you always wish to go back in school! If you were given a chance, you would take the concept of uniforms in offices and colleges too!

The money which you are given to buy clothes is spent on everything but clothes! According to you, spending so much money on clothes is a sheer waste.

You never throw away jeans because they are love! You even wear jeans which you bought like 10 years ago!