Allen SollyToday, due to increasing competition in the market, it has become so difficult for brands to make a name for themselves or sustain in the market for too long. Despite providing the best quality products, our consumers never get satisfied and the companies keep on doing something which would increase their profits. Some companies do form an opinion that giving an Italian or French name to their brand attract lot of costumers and thus would increase their sales. And because of that we mistook them as foreign brands but are Indian.

Following are those brands which have European names but are Indian:

American SwanAmerican SwanAn online shopping portal which is owned by American Swan Lifestyle is an Indian brand. It’s headquarter is located in Gurgaon. The shopping site sells jeans, jacket and all other bunch of fashion accessories.

Amrut Single MaltAmrut Single MaltAmrut Single Malt which was ranked as world’s’ third best single malt, is made at the Amrut Distillery in Bangalore.

Allen SollyAllen SollyAllen Solly is actually controlled by Aditya Birla Group. All the garments are made in India which is licensed under Madura Garments.

Munich PoloMunich PoloWhat sounds like a German brand is actually an Indian brand which had forced Indian consumers to accept name of the brand which sounds European.

Louis PhilippeLouis PhilippeInspired from King Louis who was king of France in 1830, Louis Philippe started in India in 1889 by Madura fashion and Lifestyle. It is one of the premier brands in men’s apparel.