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Going to a disco or a restaurant is usual fun for every New Year celebration? What about celebrating the upcoming New Year unusually by hosting a party at home? Scared about arrangements and being a host? Here are the tricks that will help you throwing a rocking party at home with least efforts:

Start your Bash at 10


As it is a New Year bash, obviously it shall go on till midnight, so invite your guests by 10 so that you can entice your guests just with mid-night supper. It will help you escape your tedious involvement with appetizers as after a session of drinks, you can straight away go for a mid-night supper.

Preparation for a Party for Longer Duration

Preparation for a party with longer duration
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In case you planning to spend five-six hours with your friends, go for some hearty little bites like Tortilla Chips, crispy carrots, and salted peanuts accompanied with a non-alcoholic fizzy blend of herbal tea and fruit. The alcohol session may start around 10 to avoid your friend get sazzled.

Baked Potatoes as Midnight Supper

baked potatoes
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One of the inexpensive and easy deal for a scrumptious mid-night supper could be ‘Baked Potatoes’. Ensure to grab some of the biggest potatoes available at home and load them into your oven at around 10:30 PM at 400 degrees. Pre-arrange splendid fillings like butter, chilli, mushrooms, steamed broccoli, jalapenos, salsa, chopped onions, bacon strips, sour cream, shredded cheese or anything you like. Let your guests fix their potatoes as per their likings.


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As the guests need to drive back home as well after the New Year celebration, ensure to serve a cup of hot coffee along or maybe after a dessert session. This will surely help them to curb the drinks hangover and let them land safely in their homes.

Fun With Games

Fun with games

Have a contest ‘Most funny Dresses’ and award the one with a vote of consent. Other games like Dance on a paper or Tambola will add more thrill and fun to the New Year party at home. Moreover, these games will help time just fly by, keeping your guests engaged in a fun-filled way.


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To create a party environment at home, decorations play a vital role. It is not a mandate to spend a fortune to make your decor worth partying. Simple items like hanging few colourful ribbons along lighting fixtures, doorways, lamps etc. or illuminating the house with candles or hanging some glittery handmade paper snowflakes may set your home ready for a rocking party.

Go For a BYOA Affair

Go for a BYOA affair

The concept of BYOA (Bring your Own Appetizer) may sound little unusual, but your friends will find it a fun in bringing something relevant to their taste. It may be a cheese cake, some raw veggies and hummus or might be a container of mixer nuts. All you need to manage is serve them presentably!

Great Music

Great Music

Music is definitely a great fun-booster for any party. Whether soft or electrifying, it helps in crafting the party mood. You may start your party with some soothing tunes and let your guests enjoy munching which can be followed by some foot-tapping numbers to drag them to the dance-floor later on.

Try to follow the ‘social host’ law by refraining your drunken guests to drive back home. Insist on them to sleep over at your place or you maybe call a cab.