Tibetan Singing Bowl
Source: Inner Spirit Yoga

Does your brain functions properly? Do you face problems retaining things in your mind? Do you find difficulty in listening things correctly? Stop worrying now, as you can easily get rid of these problems just by learning a musical instrument.

A new study says playing any Musical Instruments works wonder and enhances your retaining skills, avoid age related problems.

The study tells that if you play any musical instruments, then it will help you improve your listening skills in a short period of time. This activity helps you prevent injuries and diseases so that brain functions properly.

For doing the research, researchers took 32 students who were not suffering from any neurological and psychiatric disorders, and had normal hearing. While listening to the singing bowl from Tibet, participants’ brain waves were recorded.

After recording, half were asked to do the same sound by striking the Tibetan singing bowl and other half were asked to recreate by pressing the key on computer’s keypad.

Professor of University of Toronto, Bernard Ross, tells that it has been hypothesized that the act of playing music requires many brain systems to work together, such as the hearing, motor and perception systems.

The professor also says that after the first session they saw a positive impact on the Brain.