Shah rukh cookingShahrukh Khan loves cooking and he loves serving people with love. But the new rumour that is doing the round is SRK’s Red Chillies Restaurant launch in Mumbai. Well, the story is bit different from what we see or hear.

When we imagine the lives of celebrities, all we can imagine (apart from the stardom and the limelight of course!) is the constantly tight schedules and fast-paced lives. We always wonder that how the celebrities take out time for themselves and their family members to reanimate their bodies!

Talking of celebrities, we can completely visualize how demanding the schedule of Shahrukh Khan must be! But what if we tell you that apart from being the talented actor that he is, he is also talented in the kitchen! Yes, you read that right! Shahrukh Khan loves flaunting his culinary skills to treat his children with delicious food when he wants to spend some quality time with them.

He admits the fact that he is still working towards the mastering the cooking department after which he would love to be the host to guests from Bollywood.

All this clearly shows the love Shahrukh Khan has for cooking as well as food. He even considered the idea of launching his own chain of restaurants when he said, “I genuinely want to cook. Imagine if I open a chain of restaurants and stores, kitna business karunga main”. Known for being extremely witty and spontaneous, he even revealed the reason behind naming his production company as ‘Red Chillies’! He explained that if his film-making skills fail, at least he can open a restaurant in the same name. What a visionary thinking, Badshah! e shared a good laugh after saying this!

Never to mince words and always being impressive with them, he even talked about how he feels that acting and food are very similar. According to him, acting is also a kind of ‘serving’. He said that when you are an actor, you present your film to the people and keep your fingers crossed in the hope that they enjoy it. But as everybody has their own tastes (just like food!), it totally depends on people whether they like the film or not. See, we were not wrong when we said how good he is with words!

Now that we have extremely relished Shahrukh Khan’s serving in the form of acting and film-making, we would love to see the serving of his restaurant also! But we can just hope that he seriously considers the thought and we get to see SRK’s Red Chillies Restaurant in Aamchi Mumbai, because Shahrukh Khan always gives more than the expectations!