When Can You Date Your Best Friend’s ExYou are in the most difficult phase of your life, when you have started Dating your Best Friend’s ex. It is the worst way to displease her, and make her feel deflated.

However, it does not mean that Dating your Best Friend’s ex is always a bad idea. While you are inviting trouble for yourself most of the times, you can give a shot in some situations regardless.

Below are situations when you date your best friend’s ex and might get away with it:

Your Friend Has Moved On:
Don’t take any chance if your friend is still single and still have feelings for her past lover. But if she has moved on with her life and married to someone else, you can give a shot.

Your Friend Had A Very Brief Relationship:
If your friend hasn’t dated her ex for too long, and went out with him for a brief time, then also going out with him seems acceptable.

But in case, if you have already gotten into a relationship and wondering how will you talk about it, then simply call her, and talk to her. She would rather be happy if the news comes out from your mouth than from any other source.