WLDCWith aim of training the designing-skilled students in the field of fashion and interior designing, the prestigious Landscape Groups, in association with INIFD (International Institute of Fashion Design), has recently launched a program in Goa. It’s Dr. Pandit Rathod’s mastermind behind the launch of the such designing program in Goa and soon, it will land in Dubai and Paris too – as confirms Mr. Rathod.

It is believed that the program for fashion and interior design launched in Goa will be proven a life-changing opportunity for the talents students. The program will have reputed trainers, designing experts, field-specific celebrities, national and international designers, latest designing tools connected with London Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week and a lot more.

The skilled students will be given a platform of #GotTalent for promotion and will be given opportunity to explore by owning B&G franchisees. They will earn the opportunity to participate in various design carnivals in and outside India such as India Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, ID Fest etc. What’s more? The doors will be open to try their luck on TV & Film Projects through AR Creations.

The institute has the capacity to cater more than 10,000 students in an year. Through the holistic approach, WLDC in India and abroad promises the development of skill sets, making the students friendly to the industry and enterprising. WLDC Enrolment is open throughout the year with “E-n-JOY” as their motto where E stands for Education with  JOY.

So far, INIFD has been providing exceptional training in the field of designing and boasts as the largest network through its branches in 11 countries and 4 continents.