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Some people know Buddha Purnima as just a holiday in India, but it is much more than that. Buddha Purnima is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the great Gautam Buddha. Apart from being celebrated in India, this Buddhist festival is also celebrated in a few South-East Asian countries, like Nepal.

The birth of Siddhartha Gautam marks the celebration of Buddha Purnima (also known as Vesak), who later came to be known as Gautam Buddha and was the founder of Buddhism.

Buddha Purnima encourages us to believe in the concept of peace, non-violence and compassion.

Here are a few facts which you must know about the Festival of Buddha Purnima –

Buddha Purnima, a public holiday is not just celebrated in India but also in countries of Japan. Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Cambodia, Korea, Nepal, Myanmar, USA, Canada and Australia, but obviously in different styles.

The Great Gautam Buddha was in Nepal in the City of Lumbini, while saw his last day in Kushinagar, India.

Even though he founded a new Religion he is not considered a God. But if we have a look the holy scriptures of Hinduism, Gautam Buddha is the ninth incarnation of beloved Lord Vishnu. He is also related to the holy trio of Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwar.

The City of Sarnath, situated near Varanasi or Benaras, is a significant place for Buddhism because five monks were given Gautam Buddha’s first sermon. A huge fair is arranged on the day of Buddha Purnima in Sarnath and Buddha’s remnants are kept for public display.

On the day of Buddha Purnima, white coloured clothes are worn by people while offering prayers to Buddha in his temples. Kheer is also distributed on this day.