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Loutolim in South Goa is a quaint place and now in news for its Figueiredo House. This pride of place belonged a way back to 1590 when Akbar was presiding most of the India. You shall be amazed to know that just after 80 years of Portuguese arrival in India, this house belongs to that era.

Figueiredo family has contributed as diplomats, ambassadors, diplomats, members of Portuguese parliament and Goa’s legislature. The displays at Figueiredo Museum proudly accentuate the influence of this family Mind you, the property belongs to an era, when Galileo still has to argue about sun not revolving around the earth and No one knows Shakespeare as writer.

Tis grand house has been converted into a heritage homestay by Figueiredo family and five of its rooms have been opened to the visitors to have a splendid stay. Each of room is generously proportioned and named after the memorable ladies of the house. While ‘Amalia’ as a room has double bed, other rooms as ‘Georgina’ and ‘Elsa’ accommodate twin beds. Wrapped up in warm ambience, the house takes you way back in history of amazing facts. Antique old Vases and Jars are attention driven as you walk through its corridors. High ceilings and old-fashioned furniture gives you a ‘regal’ feel.

Two rooms ‘Graca’ and ‘Especiosa’ have been combined to give you leisure of a Family Suite. Air-conditioning and modern bathrooms are the add-ons as per today’s convenience as the family renovated to facilitate its guests. To lounge around, several common areas are also rendered to guests to make their stay-in experience magnificent.

Chandeliers of Belgian crystal, carved furniture and fine porcelain give this house an imperial look. You would love to spend a night or two under their lovingly-restored walls, or may be sipping a hot cup of coffee at its white-washed little courtyard, right under the blue-sky. You can borrow books from the family library to enlighten your reading-journey.

You can also explore a village walk observing local fisherman trying their lucks with beholding fishing nets. This historic home will definitely give you an incredible lifetime experience which is older than Taj Mahal.