Bodybuilder Bindiya Sharma Bhandari
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Want to be fit and have a body like star Bodybuilder Bindiya Sharma Bhandari? Here are her 7 Secrets to achieve the same:

1. Take All Your Meals
Don’t think that skipping your meals can actually make you lose fat faster. On the contrary, you might gain more weight rather than losing some by doing this. Always eat food in short intervals so that your metabolism doesn’t get affected and your body doesn’t hold onto those calories.

2. Say No To Cheat Days
If you are serious and want to cut those extra fats, then you have to stop thinking about cheat days. It actually ruins the hard work you put in throughout the week. Instead you should have a low calorie snack everyday rather than going for a cheat day.

3. Don’t Miss Out On Your Protein Diets
Unarguably, the fastest way to lose weight is to take high amount of protein in your diet. You must consume 20-30percent of your calories through protein as it increases your metabolism and helps you gorge on lesser calories. Also taking more protein diminishes your cravings for your favourite snacks.

4. Eat Your Food Slowly
Do you know that your stomach doesn’t reach fullness before 20 minutes of eating, thus it is recommended to eat food slowly so that you take in fewer calories and thus, lose more fat.

5. Always Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is the foremost thing to stay healthy. Whenever you feel hungry, start drinking water and try to keep your tummy full. Water helps in transporting nutrients faster to make you healthy and energetic.

6. Weight Training
If you are thinking that weight training has no role in your fat loss programme then you seriously need some guidance. Apart from bulking, weight training also gives you strength which is very essential when you are following a fat loss regime.

7. Enough Sleep
Sleep is not only necessary for toning your body but also for overall development. Sleeping for at least 7 hours helps repair all the wounds and make new cells. According to researchers, having a sound sleep helps in keeping your weight in check due to hunger regulating hormones.