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Sweltering heat is hitting at you and this is the time when your Stomach suffers the most. This is because of the choice of food you eat, how you eat and the way you cook it. The heat and humidity in summers is unbearable, due to which your food gets contaminated in few hours after bring made because of the faster growth of Bacteria in Summers. It is very important to take food safety precautions, and obviate yourself from Food Poisoning.

Following Are Some Tips Which Prevent You Suffering From Food Poisoning:
Stop Eating Non-Vegetarian Street Food:

Stop Eating Non-Vegetarian Street Food
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In summers, non Vegetarian Foods lose its quality very easily in few hours and thus it is advised not to eat from roadside hawkers as they don’t have the facility to refrigerate the food. It may look delicious from outside but can cause lots of problems in this heat.

Cook Your Eggs Completely:

Cook Your Eggs Completely
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Eggs contain bacteria called Salmonella which is only produced in summers. Salmonella’s primary work is to cause Food poisoning. However, if you are Cooking Eggs well, at a temperature of 160 degree F, or higher, it won’t be a problem. Make sure you Cook your Eggs completely.

Keep Your Food Warm:

Keep Your Food Warm
Source: Food Hunter’s Guide to Cuisine

Cook your Food at extreme temperatures. Either it should be very cold or it should be very hot as it will prevent Bacteria to infect.

Don’t Drink Milkshakes From Outside:

Don’t Drink Milkshakes From Outside
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Control your tongue and stop drinking Milkshakes or Faloodas in Summers. Bacteria in Milk multiply very quickly, and this is why it is advised to consume all the dairy products in less than 2 hours.

Keep Your Food Covered All The Time:

Keep Your Food Covered All The Time
Source: Dining with a Stud

The numbers of flies proliferate in the summers so it is necessary to keep all your food items covered. Don’t let them transfer Microbes to your food.

Keep Your Fridge Temperature As Low As Possible:

Keep Your Fridge Temperature As Low As Possible
Source: wikiHow

Due to the sweltering heat it’s very difficult for the fridge to stay Cool. Try to lower your Fridge Temperature so that the food remains at a nice Temperature.