Say No To StressTake A Nap Before Your Work OutTake A Nap Before Your Work OutTaking a nap for 30 minutes will make you feel feel energetic and ready to hit the Gym. Do not sleep for longer hours as it will have a opposite effect and you will feel more lethargic.

Do Not Stretch Your MusclesDo Not Stretch Your MusclesYes, you heard it right. Earlier people use to stretch their Muscles with light weights a part of their work out. However, recent research by Scientists have discovered that stretching cold muscles will lead to injuries such as Pulls and Strains.

Do Not Go For High Intensity CardioDo Not Go For High Intensity CardioWhile it is good you perform a medium intensity ‘Steady State’ before training as it will help you reduce Body Fats while protecting your ability to gain strength. But going for a hard intensity Cardio before work out can reduce your energy to certain extent and can interfere with anabolism process.

Say No To StressSay No To StressStressing yourself leads to higher level of Cortisol which helps in breaking your Muscle Tissues and more fat storage. Stressing too much disturbs your concentration level and thus limits Muscle Fiber activation.

Don’t Consume Too Much StimulantsDon’t Consume Too Much StimulantsTaking pre works or some caffeine is completely acceptable before leaving for Gym. But don’t overdo. Consuming too much of it can lead to rapid Heart Attack, Anxiety a feeling of Illness etc.