Cover Image‘Opposites attract’ is a very old concept of falling in love that people swear by! It sounds extremely romantic too, thanks to the cliche love stories shown in Bollywood! And till a certain point of time it is actually romantic as we believe that opposite people will complement each other’s qualities and failures! But the real scenario is a little different than we might assume. So here are some feelings you experience when you are with someone who is exact opposite of you!

You Frequency Doesn’t Match With Their FriendsYou Frequency Doesn’t Match With Their FriendsOne works in technical field while the other is in an extremely creative job. So being able to have a conversation and hanging out with other’s friends become a little difficult. Your opinions are different, views are different and even the lingo is different!

You Want To Do Your Favourite Thing But Apparently It Is Not Their Favourite!You Want To Do Your Favourite Thing But Apparently It Is Not Their Favourite!One likes love stories, but the other likes sci-fi movies. One likes comedy while the other likes action. One likes clubbing while the other prefers silent dinners. Things like these make you frustrated at times and you start appreciating people who are similar to you.

You Will Feel A Change In Your PersonalityYou Will Feel A Change In Your PersonalityThese changes in your personality are bound to take place. If you had always been late, you’ll learn to become punctual now, while the person gets used to you always coming late! Small changes like these take place which sometimes, are actually beneficial for you!

On The Other Hand, You CAN NEVER Get Used To Some Of Their Annoying Habits!On The Other Hand, You CAN NEVER Get Used To Some Of Their Annoying Habits!Love is fine, but there are some really annoying habits of your partner that you can never be okay with! Like wet towel on the bed, dirty socks on the sofa or not lifting the seat up while peeing! You will try to compromise, but not every time!

Compromising On FightsCompromising On FightsIt is obvious that when you are two different personalities, your point-of-views are going to vary. This will result in numerous fights and arguments, even at petty things. So what do you guys do? You choose your battles! If you had compromised in a fight the previous time, the other person will do it the next time. It’s kind of an understood thing and helps you both grow as human beings.

Thrill Of Introducing Them To Something DifferentThrill Of Introducing Them To Something DifferentWhen you introduce them to something which you like and new to them, you actually keep your fingers crossed and pray that they should like it! You become very excited and if they like it, you are on cloud nine! Who knew a person who always enjoyed Coldplay now also loves romantic Bollywood songs!

He/She Becomes Your Best Critic!He/She Becomes Your Best CriticYou don’t need anybody else, because you both are each other’s best critic! He will tell you when a dress doesn’t look good on her or she will be very honest when his short looks too bright! Both of you have learnt to become very straight forward with each other.

When They Make Efforts To Change For You!When They Make Efforts To Change For You!People who are with someone totally different from them know the joy when their partner makes efforts to change for you! Of course, you don’t want to change their personality because you love them for who they are, but just small changes that will make you happy. If they are trying to do that, never let them go!

Loving The DifferencesLoving The DifferencesIt will take time but you will eventually start loving the differences which you both share. You will feel the entire thing is very beautiful! All the habits which used to annoy the hell out of you don’t matter to you anymore! And that is how love is supposed to be!

You Become A Better PersonYou Become A Better PersonSince you start appreciating the differences, you tend to become less complaining, even generally too! You become less critical and more used to changes. Because you actually want to become better for them! They just make you a better version of what you were!