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If you are from the late 90s, then don’t even try to think you are a 90s cool kid! For those who are actually Kid From 90s, we exactly feel what you guys are experiencing currently. You are just not able to recollect where all these years went and now suddenly, you are so old! No matter how clueless you are about your future, you have to a keep a really cool appearance because you are a fully grown adult now! And apparently, as kids we always thought adults know everything! If only we knew how wrong we were! So all the Kid From 90s out there, read these things that you must be going through and feel better that you are not alone!

‘Long-Term’ Aspect
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Gone has the time of causal dating for you! Because now when you date someone, you always have to look at the ‘long-term’ aspect! At least that is what is expected out of you.

Nex Batch Which Will Graduate From School
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You have also realized that the next batch which will graduate from school will be of students who were born in 2011. Wait! Weren’t they just babies a few years back?

Few of your friends are getting married while few are already married with kids! And you are there like what do I do with my life?

You Are Also Going To Become An Oldie Soon!
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It was not long back when you used to think of married people as oldies and now, your friends are married! That means you are also going to become an oldie soon!

All your relatives and even unknown aunties and uncles are suddenly very interested in your life! This is because their favourite question becomes, “Beta, when are you getting married?”

You Are Not A Kid Anymore!

You are not a kid anymore! You were a kid long time back in the 90as and now you are OLD! Makes sense?

You have become so freaking old that even your celebrity crushes are younger than you! Life is really harsh, isn’t it?

Now all your stories start like ‘When I was a kid’, or ‘When I was in school or college’! And then you face the reality!

Valuing Your Parents
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You have finally started valuing your parents like never before because now you that they brought you up in the best way possible. Thumbs up to that!

You sometimes panic like crazy because you have no idea what to do with the rest of your life but then, you are excited also to see what life has in store for you!