Pseudo ExtrovertDictionary has divided people into two categories – Introverts and Extroverts. But what we forget is that everybody is different and cannot be confined to a ‘type’. We can be both extrovert and an introvert and that is totally normal. If you are not very fond of large gatherings, but still can excellently interact with new people, then you have been a Pseudo Extrovert all this while! Read the following points to confirm whether you really are a Pseudo Extrovert or not!

You Have To Prepare Yourself For Social Gatherings
Even with your closest of friends, you have to prepare your mind to meet them. Although you know that you will have fun, but that is just how your mind works! And it might sound weird, but you secretly love when the plans get cancelled.

You Can Easily Hold Conversations With People, But You Prefer Not To!
You are actually great with your communication skills and people easily get comfortable with you. But most of the times, you avoid situations where you have to talk.

People Generally Assume You Are Extremely Outgoing
You have the charm, you are fun and you can make conversations with almost anybody. You have friends and you love trying and exploring new things. But all this happens only when you feel like. You are not ALWAYS up for these outgoing things.

You Are Really Social But Only For A Limited Period Of Time
Pseudo extroverts can be social till only a certain point of time. You out with your friends, have fun but then gradually you feel like it’s been too much and you need to go to a quiet place alone. You like hanging out with people and enjoying with them but it drains you too. So before you become irritable, you leave them to rejuvenate yourself.

You Need Your Alone Time After Gatherings
You can go to parties, lunches or any other get-togethers, but you know that you’ll crave for some Me-Time afterwards.

You Like Attention From People But When You Are Looking Your Best
You also sometimes like being showered with attention but that should be on days when you are wearing your favourite dress or you are having a good hair day!

Best Time For You Is Alone Time
People wait for Friday nights to get drunk and party but you wait for Friday night so that you can lazily lie on the bed while watching movies and eating your favourite food. You need this kind of relaxing-alone time!

Best Of Both Words!
This is apparently the best part about being a pseudo extrovert. You can talk with ease to anybody along with being an excellent listener. And your friends love you for that!