Haji Ali Dargah
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Constructed in 1431, Haji Ali Dargah was constructed in the memory of Sayyed Peer Haji Shah Bhukhari who was a wealthy Muslim merchant. This exceptional edifice is an incredible specimen of Indo-Islamic Architectural Style. This ‘Dargah’ is accessible only during low tide as the causeway is not bounded with any railing. So, during hide tide this causeway gets sub-merged in water and the visitors are not able to cross it.

Due to continuous saline winds around, this 600 old Dargah is continued to be eroded and extensive renovation was carried out way back in October 2008 which continued for over 2 Years. First and Second quality White Marble is brought from Makrana, Rajasthan to beautify its commendable structure. As the Dargah is built on the tiny islet located 500 meters away from the coast, it gives a serene view.

Separate Prayer rooms are allocated for gents and ladies within Dargah as per Muslim traditions. Crafted with artistic mirror work, the Marble Pillars in the main hall flaunt Green, Yellow and Blue chips of Glass arranged in the Kaleidoscopic Patterns. Ninety names of ‘Allah’ have been inscribed with Arabic patterns over these pillars. Initially, ladies were not allowed to pray near the Sanctum Sanctorum and it was considered as the Traditional patriarchal prohibited area for them. A feminist movement was launched in protest to this by Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan to secure an equal right to pray. Then Supreme Court ruled out that even the women are allowed to enter the sanctum Sanctorum.

The Tomb within the Mosque is covered by the brocaded Red and Green ‘Chaddar’ and shielded with a silver frame. It is believed that Sayyed Peer Haji Shah Bhukhari has given away his all possessions before making a pilgrimage at Mecca. He was considered as one of the Greatest Sufi saint who came to India in 15th century to Preach Islam.

Many mysterious stories are associated with this holy Dargah. In 1949, there was a Hurricane in Arabian Sea which deteriorated many buildings in vicinity to this Dargah. But the Dargah was not impacted with it. Moreover, it is also believed that when this hurricane proceeded towards the city, the miraculous energies from Dargah stopped this hurricane and several ‘Diyas’ started floating over the high tides which controlled the hurricane to proceed with further disaster.

The city also witnessed a flood On July 26, 2005 due to Sudden Cloud bursting, and Mumbai was hit drastically with it. But even at that time, the Dargah remained intact.

Many hit films like Fiza and Coolie have been shot in this Dargah. Celebrities like Sanday Dutt, Sohaid Akhtar, Thar kapoor and Imran Hasmi are some of the frequent visitors to this place. With respect to Religion and Faith, over 4000 Pilgrims visit the place on Thursday and Friday.

This quaint place is surely a Legendary place to visit that will rejuvenate your soul with its phenomenal liveliness.

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