First Floating Restaurant In Mumbai
Source: Phuket –

Shripriya Dalmia Thirani, the lady from Delhi, has won the bid to start India’s First Floating Restaurant ever in Mumbai and that too right adjacent to the historical Gateway Of India!

Shripriya is super excited for this new venture as this is like a dream come true for her. The Floating Restaurant in Mumbai will be an iconic project for the city of dreams and also the financial capital of the country.

According to Shripriya, Sea is the lifeline of Mumbai but till now everyone has enjoyed and admired it from a distance. But after the Floating Restaurant in Mumbai, the breathtaking Sea will be admired from within!

The Floating Restaurant in Mumbai will receive the license for a span of 15 years while the minimum seating capacity will be 125 seats. The idea is to operate the restaurant for 24 hours pertaining to the permission from the authorities.

Tourists visiting Mumbai from all over the globe will be able to enjoy the view of Gateway Of India while sitting in the cruise and having delicious food! Sounds just out of a dream! Such things make you so proud of India!