Kombucha Drink

Kombucha, a fermented drink, is now taking its place on every hipster’s list in Mumbai. A drink made from tea has various benefits. And by any chance if you still haven’t tried it yet, you have no right to call yourself a hipster!

Kombucha drink, made from tea, is available in farmers’ market in Bandra, Juhu or Versova. Commonly made from Black Tea, Kombucha drink can also be made from green tea, white tea and matcha.

Firstly, the Tea is made, and a culture called SCOBY is added before cooling it for some time. Then the mixture goes through the process of fermentation after it is covered with cheesecloth. The duration of fermentation depends upon the size of the vessel and the strength of the SCOBY.

Once the first stage is completed, add fruit, Herb or Spice of your choice after removing the SCOBY from the mixture. Leave it for few days to allow the flavours to spread completely in the mixture.

Kombucha drink is healthier than other soft drinks as there is no way for the carbon dioxide (produced by bacteria) to escape. The drink has numerous benefits like improving digestion; strengthening immune system, helps in absorbing nutrients easily. Moreover, the drink contains essential anti-oxidants, amino acida and Vitamin B.

A 500 ml bottle will cost you around Rs 200.