Cold Stone Ice Cream
Source: LBB

Oh So Stoned in Mumbai is the newbie edition in the coveted location Carter Road and this dessert parlour serves the most delicious and lip-smacking cold stone Ice Cream.

Though the trend was started by its predecessor Hockey Pokey, Oh So Stoned in Mumbai took the Ice Cream production to a new level by adding Alcohol in the cold stone. However, the alcohol is evaporated by them, so ultimately all you get is just the ‘Taste’ of it!

What you do is you take an induction coil and place a marble over it, also place a compressor to keep it cool so that the moisture in the air freezes to form Ice after coming in contact with the stone. Then you cut the Ice and mix it with ice creams and toppings.

They make sure their desserts are of good quality, as all the ingredients that are used are organic and homemade.

Oh So Stoned in Mumbai serves wide variety of flavours to go for. Their Ram Baba Ice Cream has a Coffee Ice Cream base with homemade rum sauce and Chocolate Brownie Rum Balls. Red Velvet Ice Cream too is also one of their best desserts to feast your taste buds!

Address: 10, Gagangiri Apartments, Union Park, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai (Map)
Contact No.: 022 33715947
Timings: 12:00 Noon – 12:00 Midnight
Cuisines: Ice Cream
Cost For Two: Rs. 400 approx.