Atithi ParinayVacations must have always meant living in lavish hotels which offer luxurious rooms and bathrooms, right? But what if we tell you can get the same services even when you are not on the ground! Confused? We are talking about the beautiful tree houses which will bring you close to nature and greenery! Here are a few tree houses near Mumbai which you must visit if you are a nature-lover like us to be rejuvenated like never before! These Tree House near Mumbai offer you all the facilities and luxuries too!

Shivam Abode
Where: Off Karle Khind, Chondi Road, Village Munavali, Taluka Alibaug
Distance From Mumbai: 105 KmShivam AbodeSituated at a small village, Munawali, Shivam Abode is also near the beautiful beaches of Kihim and Alibaug. Earlier it started as a simple farmhouse, but has now become one of the best tree house homestays! The place shouts eco-friendly as the material used in the construction is also eco-friendly! The tree –house is a huge cottage where you will experience flowing water right under it! The sound of flowing water amidst all the greenery makes this place heavenly!

O’Nest Homesaty
Where: Ozare Road, Sanmitra Nagar, Devrukh 415804
Distance From Mumbai: 330 KmO’Nest HomesatySituated in a lesser known village named Devrukh, this homestay is a little away from the primary tourist spots of Ratnagiri. The main aim of the homestay was to portray the simple life of Konkan to attract travellers. O’ Nest provides you the facilities of many activities such as fishing, pottery, cashew picking etc. The beautiful wooden tree house is located on a mango tree, although, the place also offers regular rooms.

Atithi Parinay
Where: At Post Kotawade, Kolagewadi, Near Mahalaxmi Mandir, Ratnagiri 
Distance From Mumbai: 350 KmAtithi ParinayAtithi Parinay, situated in Kotawade in Ratnagiri, defines homestays in the best way possible! This is because it is an ancestral home converted into a homestay for all the travellers who want to absorb the real essence of Konkan. The place includes various kinds of accommodations like luxury tents, luxurty rooms, cottages, but the tree house remains our favourite! We would highly recommend this tree house for couples to enjoy a romantic getaway because of the kind of coziness and beauty it offers!

Oceano Pearl
Where: 64, Lad Wadi, Near Grampanchayat, Ganeshgule, Ratnagiri
Distance From Mumbai: 380 KmOceano PearlOceano Pearl is situated one of the most beautiful beaches of Konkan, which is Ganeshgule Beach. The best part about this homestay is that there is no other hotel/homestay situated in the Ganeshgule Village which ultimately makes its beach like a private one for the people coming at Oceano Pearl. You will feel like visiting a remote area as there is no internet and mobile connectivity. But that is the whole idea, isn’t it? It offers one of the most splendid views overlooking the beach!

Amrute’s Nisarg Sahwas
Where: Amrute Nursery, Village Gavhe, Taluka Dapoli
Distance From Mumbai: 245 KmAmrute’s Nisarg SahwasThis is a cozy homestay located away on a hill with trees, butterflies and birds surrounding it! Amrute’s Nisarg Sahwas was initially was just a family home with a nursery, but now has become one of the most popular tree-homestays in the area. Apart from tree houses, the place also has log huts and bamboo huts, but they cannot match the charm of tree houses! Located at a height of 30 feet, the tree houses will offer you a spectacular view of the valley!

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