Taj Mahal Palace
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Opposite to the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace as a Hotel has always been a destination of tourist attraction due to its gracious hospitality. From various Head of States to Hollywood glitterati, Diplomats and other Iconic personalities, this Hotel has elite the people of each genre with its modern facilities and impeccable service.

Also, considered as the first Hotel in India, which has given equal rights to Women in terms of employment and has electricity, American Fans, English Butlers, German Elevators and Turkish Baths within. It also housed many Freedom-Fighters even without any charge during their struggle for independence. It is the City’s First Harbour Landmark that has been the residence of many Maharajas and dignitaries. It has two wings as Taj Palace Hotel and Taj Mahal Tower. While the Hotel was opened in 1903, the Taj Mahal Tower was opened in 1973.

It is believed that Jamsetji Tata conceptualized the idea of this iconic Hotel after he was refused to enter Watson’s Hotel which at that time was strictly meant for ‘Whites’. This side of story is debatable with some commentators emphasizing that the inception of Taj Palace was urged by the editor of ‘Times of India’ . D.N Mirza and Sitaram Khanderao are credited for their contribution as Indian architects and the project was finished by English Engineer W.A. Chambers.

Voted as the Best Hotel in Mumbai in 2014 by Destin Asian Readers’ Choice Award, this majestic hotel also, secured an award for Wasabi by Morimoto as Best Japanese Restaurant in 2015 by Times Food Guide, Mumbai.

By personifying the essence of Mumbai, it dramatically intertwined the history of the city. 21 years older than Gateway of India, this hotel came in existence way back in 1903. Right from its anecdotes of yesteryear guests to its enriched varied stories, the place will keep you enthralled with its commendable offerings. Lend an ear to the whispered secrets of grand Staircase here to unveil its historic relevance.

Witness the grandeur at its Ballroom that justifies its imperial regime. Its handcrafted menus will treat you with all the nobility by offering mesmeric private seating for dining purposes. A private dining room of Soul, Casablance will soak you in immense pleasure. And if you wish to experience your food coming from a live kitchen, the hotel has its arrangements at Golden Dragon where you can see through each of recipe curated with extreme finesse. It is worth notable that Golden Dragon has also been awarded as Best Chinese Restaurant (South Mumbai) in 2015 at Times Food Guide

This iconic sea-facing landmark gives spectacular views of Arabian Sea and Gateway of India and received an extensive exposure in 2008 at international levels.

Address: Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai (Map)
Contact No.: 022 6665 3366