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Recollect your childhood with those Fascinating Japanese Dolls that were your Childhood Dream, as The White Pin Wheel in Mumbai is with its spectacular range of Hand-Knitted ‘Replica’ Dolls and many other Stuffed Creations. The Exclusive Japanese Art Amigurumi which is blend of Knitting and Crocheting is used to create these enticing goodies.

Pin Wheel is a home-based business entity rolled out by Sisters Namrata and Neeta with the help of 2-3 Housewives. The sisters were not even required any top-notch marketing-gimmicks to acclaim their fame. Started with Insta-Handle, soon there was a spurt of huge demand for such exclusive Japanese creations and products over Internet.

Not just restricted to Replica Dolls, this art has varied offerings including Plushies, Keychains, Mug Cozy, Baby products and Winter Accessories. Each and every product at The White Pin Wheel in Mumbai is crafted with extreme detailing especially the Replica Dolls which are exclusively crafted by the sisters themselves making it a sought-after product.

The range starts with a nominal pricing of Rs. 150 and goes up to Rs. 1200.

So, gift yourself or your loved ones with this priceless exclusivity today!

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