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If there is one season that is universally loved, it is the monsoon season! How can anyone not like the rains pouring, that petrichor and the freshness in the atmosphere! Monsoon turns arid land into a lush green one. So why not enjoy this wonderful season at places where the happiness it brings is multiplied many times! All the Mumbaikars, this is a list of Scenic Beauty of Maharashtra where you can head this weekend to soak in the best of monsoons!

Matheran (Map)
Distance From Mumbai: 80.3 Km

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Matheran is a No-Car Zone area so it becomes the best place to be away from the annoying traffic of the city. You can explore the beauty of the place through rickshaws or small trains. A total of 30 viewpoints are there with the clouds making them look even more breathtaking!

Lonavala (Map)
Distance From Mumbai: 93.3 Km

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These have got to be the most popular places for weekend getaways near Mumbai. The twin hill stations have everything to offer from scenic beauty to steep valleys. The gorgeous waterfall in the name of The Bhushi Dam makes you take a dip in the water or have a small get together there. You can even visit the famous wax museum at Lonavala.

Bhandardara (Map)
Distance From Mumbai: 164 Km

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For all those who have visited the holy place of Shirdi, must be aware about Bhandardara, as it is an important halt in between. The main locations for tourists are Randha Falls, Pravara River and Arthur Lake. The place is an extremely peaceful one which lets you have your ‘Me-Time’!

Kolad (Map)
Distance From Mumbai: 130 Km

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To let the adventure streak in you revive again, visit Kolad which has various water sports to offer. This can be as escape to feel the adrenalin rush, contrary to the dull and boring life in the city!

Bhimashankar (Map)
Distance From Mumbai: 213 Km

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Bhimshankar, as the name also suggests, is a religious place. There are 12 Jyotirlinga temples completely devoted to Lord Shiva. However, even if you are not a very religious person, you will be spellbound with the beauty and purity of the place.